Donkey Kong 3 is a game for the arcade, and released for the NES later. Unlike most Mario games, Mario is not the main character, nor does he appear. Stanley the Bugman is the protagonist of this game, and Donkey Kong is the antagonist. Also, this game is not an RPG or a platformer, but a shooter game.


Donkey Kong tries to take over a greenhouse with an army of bugs, but Stanley the Bugman, an exterminator, stops him. Fighting off the bugs, he eventually defeats Donkey Kong, whose head is then stuck in a beehive, and the greenhouse saved from his wrath.

This game has very little plot; the object of this game is more to get a high score, as after Donkey Kong is defeated, the stages repeat, except it gets tougher each time. In the NES release, the second stage is omitted from the first round but used in all rounds afterward.


Stanley attacks by shooting bugspray at the bugs and at Donkey Kong. If a bug takes a plant, Stanley must destroy it to get the plant back. The player gets a higher score if there are more plants remaining. To defeat Donkey Kong, Stanley must shoot him with bugspray until he is forced off the screen or (in the final stage) into a beehive, but if given enough time, Donkey Kong will fall and kill Stanley, who will lose a life on contact with any enemy. Stanley can also pick up an item that lets him shoot a greater distance. There are several platforms for him to jump onto to get a better shot at Donkey Kong. After beating the final stage, the game starts over, except a lot tougher.



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  • This is the last time Donkey Kong appears as a villain. He will later get his own series as a protagonist. It is believed that Donkey Kong Jr. is the current Donkey Kong, while his father, Donkey Kong, gets old and becomes Cranky Kong.